Decorate your Home with Bold Colors

Deep wine reds, burnt oranges and dark greens are all hues included in the color palate of fall. In celebration of the season, at Blind & Shutter Gallery, we like to switch things up a bit, and bring in some bolder colors to the home. People are often scared to decorate to vibrant colors because of the compromise they present, but done the right way, vibrant and bold colors can decorate your home year-round, without the commitment.

Before anything, it is important to pick your look. There is a whole science behind color theory, and it is important to keep in mind, that brightening up your home means keeping it consistent. Avoid making color mistakes like painting your kitchen bright yellow, your living room a dark purple, and your room a pastel blue. In order to keep a constant and uniform look throughout your home, it is important to pick a palate that will work together with each other – in this case, we would like to focus on rich, jeweled bold tones.

The most commitment lies in painting the walls in your home. While this one might be a bit more expensive, and it means you’ll have to stick to that color when decorating, it’s the option that will make the biggest statement. For a Fall-inspired color, paint your living room a deep wine red or maroon and add some contrasting décor to fit the area.


Photo via Elle Decor

Our favorite option is always to re-do your drapery. This exchange is big enough to make a statement, but is small enough to exchange throughout the year without it hurting your wallet. This season, opt for emerald green patterned drapes for your guest bedroom, and match the bedding to go with it, and impress your guests with a hotel-like stay. At the Blind & Shutter Gallery we offer services for both fabrics in drapery and in custom bedding. For more information, visit


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An option with even less commitment lies within bold-colored textiles. Adding an area rug to your dining area can not only make it a lot cozier, but also bring out the color in your home. The dining room is an area where you spend a lot of time in with your family during the holidays, so it’s especially important to make an impression. Opt for a richly patterned area rug that will create a conversation starter, and you’ll never hear clicking forks ever again!

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Photo via The Anecdotal Goat

For a bold makeover possibility that will present no commitment at all, and that is very inexpensive, opt for re-accessorizing your home. This includes purchasing bold-colored throw pillows and blankets, and matching them with lamps, and rearranging all those trinkets on your shelves. Find some matching bedding, and add some gold or silver accents to bring out some shine.


Photo via Oh! Oak Cliff!

Whether it’s doing a complete makeover, or it adding some accents, bringing the season into your home is never a bad idea. Curling up in your living room with a cup of hot chocolate will never be more appropriate than in a bold-colored home.


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