Keep the Heat Outside

We get enough sun as it is walking outside during the spring and summer months. So when you enter your home after a long day, you want to be able to cool off. At Blind & Shutter Gallery, we completely understand, which is why we are here to meet your sun-shielding needs. We’ve put together a few options for you to utilize during this time of the year.

HunterDouglas’ PowerView Motorization won the Red Dot Design Award in 2016 for good reason. This state-of-the art system works to adjust your window treatments without your help, after you initially position them. To make the magic happen, move your cordless window treatments to the exact position you want them, then control and schedule them on the PowerView App through your phone or tablet. After that, watch as your motorized blinds and shades reposition themselves throughout the day. PowerView Motorization can help lower your AC bill too, as it schedules your blinds or shades to shut when it gets sunny outside. You can even coordinate with the sunrise to get those extra hours of sleep in, so the sun won’t wake you up before you’re ready.


Beat the heat with reflective blinds, also called horizontal blinds, which can reduce heat gain by almost 50%. These clean-cut blinds allow you to regulate and adjust how much light can enter the room at any point of the day. There are plenty of different options to chose from, including premium hardwoods, durable polymers and versatile aluminums. The best part about horizontal shades? They allow for maximum view-through when completely open and optimal privacy when closed.


Reflect the sun by utilizing the white side of reversible shades, which are ideal for all four seasons of the year. In addition, designer roller shades have been called the sunscreen for your valuables, as they block the sun from seeping into your home. From light filtering fabrics, to blackout styles, roller shades are completely customizable to match your preferences. We happen to love the scallop cut look!

Go cordless to keep your home both pet and kid-friendly. As you can imagine, eliminating the cords that are typically attached to blinds will allow for a much safer atmosphere. Cordless blinds, like those earlier mentioned in Hunter Douglas’ PowerView Motorization, make the room ambience much cleaner. In addition to improving the room’s aesthetic, cordless blinds are really easy to use.


At Blind & Shutter Gallery, we recognize the struggle to keep your home cool, but we also know how to combat it too. If you have any additional questions on this topic, contact us at 727-823-2929, or stop by our showroom at 2610 4th Street North, St. Petersburg, FL. We are always here to help!


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