Room Colors: Side Effects Of Your Environment

Breathe in and out and close your blinds, not your eyes. What color is reflecting back at you? Perhaps it’s an incandescent yellow that helps brighten your morning or a cooling grey to offset your hot coffee before you head to work. Colors have a big impact on the energy that you bring into your home and here at Shutter Blind Gallery we want to make sure that you set the right tone, pun intended, on your life.

Warm tones

Reds, oranges, and yellows can raise energy levels and magnify the details of a room. This is a good option for a room that you spend the most time with company in, such as a living room or kitchen. However, be sure the level of saturation selected is appropriate for your vision so you don’t disrupt the other details of your area, like your shutters or furniture. If you’re looking for a gentle push in a warmer direction, our Vignette Modern Roman Shades from Hunter Douglas could be exactly what your room needs.

Neutral Tones

Similar to warm colors, neutrals in a room add a level of comfort that can be easily paired to accessories and decor. The warm notes in a neutral are great for areas where there is a lot of open window space. Why you ask? The color acts as an accent to the natural light that comes in from outside. It also goes well with richer tones like a burgundy or violet. If you’re curious about what shades or coverings work well with an earth tone, our Skyline Gliding Window Panels add a contemporary touch to large window panels or sliding doors.

Cool Colors

Contrary to popular belief, a cool room doesn’t allude to being a cold person. Cool tones like blue, green and grey add a feeling of tranquility that you could use in your life. That said, try to offset the light color with a warmer equivalent so you don’t lose the personable aspect associated with a home. The Hunter Douglas Honeycomb Shade Collection is the perfect accent to a cool colored room. The pleated silhouette in classic yellow shade adds to a room, rather than distracting from it. After all, a “house is not a home without love” and the color of love is usually warm.



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