Safety in Style this Hurricane Season

With Hurricane season seeming to start sooner each year and tropical storm Alberto already bringing buckets of rain to St. Pete, we here at Blind & Shutter gallery are prepared to provide our customers with the best storm shutters on the market. But, storm shutters don’t have to be the rigid, metallic, bulky add-ons that you typically think of! Our partners at Atlantic Premium Shutters have struck the perfect duality between elegance and protection with their new impact resistant storm shutters.

Atlantic Shutters have always been a favorite for us at Blind & Shutter gallery. The craftsman style of Atlantic Shutters gives your house a unique sophistication that will make you a stand out from the rest of the block. They have carried this class and attention to detail into their storm systems. The locking mechanism on their storm shutters is hidden out of view on the back of the shutter, giving these storm systems a flushed and seamless look.

Atlantic has made three different storm system options, the Bahama system, the inside locking “U” shaped system, and the outside horizontal bar system. All of these options meet the Large Missile Impact Test and State of Florida Building Codes. Not only are they safe, but boarding them up is an easy, straightforward process that will give you more time to get all your other hurricane preparations in order. No more screwing on heavy, bulky shutters or scrambling to find wooden boards at the last minute!

With Atlantic shutters, safety is easy. Don’t wait to find protection right before the next storm hits. Instead, find a permanent solution by stopping into our St. Petersburg showroom or giving us a call at 727.823.2929 to hear more about all our exciting options from Atlantic Shutters and beyond.


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